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Bill Meek is a Texas sculptor with a studio in Wimberley.

According to Meek, his glass works focus on "the beauty and fragility of life: the simple things of life we sometimes take for granted."

Love of sculpture began as a boy growing up in Washington D.C., Meek recalls. Visiting museums and monuments frequently, "I was very drawn to the sculptures and knew then that I wanted to be a sculptor," he says. As a teen Meek worked with found objects creating art he shared with neighbors. In 1978 he moved into his first studio in Shasta, California.

"I've always made my living creating with my hands," Meek says. "I am working on my sculpture almost daily, often into the night." His work encompasses both small and large pieces and "pushing the limits of what glass is known to do."

One of his memorable works is a large-scale glass and steel mobile that Wells Fargo Bank commissioned him to do for their main lobby. "Hanging an enormous, moving sculpture of glass from a ceiling, that thousands of people walk under required intense study and experimentation with balance," said Meek. After working with structural engineers and successfully hanging the mobile, he says, "the complete sculpture creates a wonderful, relaxing energy in the lobby."

Meek says, "I am fortunate to have always made my living creating art."

Meek Studio & Gallery (NEW LOCATION)
1903 Spring Street
Houston, Texas 77007
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