Artist Statement

I try to develop my own methods and style so that my look is distinctly my own. Although I have combined many other mediums with my sculpture, glass is still a constant fascination to me. The transparency and play of light and shadow make it unique and complex, powerful yet fragile. People often want to touch my sculptures and I invite them to do so.

I use symbolism in my art to express various aspects of life the way I choose to experience it. The naming of my sculptures is important. The titles give a hint of my thoughts on the piece. Two series of new work have been my primary focus over the past year. My most recent series, entilted "Fish Tales", represents my affinity for the Oceans and Rivers. The other series includes symbols from a 200 mile hike in the Northwest that I took with my son, Alexander, prior to his leaving home to attend college.

I am self-taught and have been blessed with having mentors who believed in, inspired, and challenged me.

Meek Studio & Gallery (NEW LOCATION)
1903 Spring Street
Houston, Texas 77007
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